News from the Local History Unit: The Weymouth Women’s Round Table

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The Weymouth Women’s Round Table

The arrival of a new volunteer, Sue Thompson, to work on the Local History Collection has made it possible to get a small group of records catalogued and eventually added to our database.

Sue is working on the records of The Weymouth Women’s Round Table. This group of ladies started out as the Weymouth Tea Group in 1940, in the second year of the Second World War. It was intended to be an informal gathering of women, who would discuss, over a cup of tea, the variety of war work involving women. It had its first meeting in the Criterion Café in December 1940.

The records include five volumes of minutes, reports, press cuttings, photographs, letters, cards, all charting the story of this perhaps long forgotten women’s organisation. The monthly meetings eventually blossomed into talks and visits on an immense variety of subjects.

Sadly it was wound up in 1982 on account of falling numbers and the problems of transport for the members.

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