Retailers of Souvenir China in Weymouth

Souvenir china would have been sold in a whole variety of shops, attractions and other businesses in the town but, sadly, details have mostly been lost.  Fortunately some of the retailers had there name printed onto the bases of the items they sold.

This has enabled them to be researched in the archives held by Weymouth Museum and the details below are based on that research.


In the rate books, there is a Samuel Wallis recorded at 27 St Mary Street from February 1873 to June 1901.  He is known to have been a china dealer occupying at various times 27, 28 and 29 St Mary Street.  The plate with this mark on is probably early twentieth century so L Wallis may well have taken over the business.


Walter Broomfield was the proprietor of a ‘Fancy Repository and Post Office’ in King Street in 1889.  According to the rate books James Walter Broomfield (recorded as Walter James Broomfield until 1899) occupied the King Street premises from 1887 to 1925, (as owner from 1901).  In the 1891 census, James W Broomfield is listed as a ‘Fancy Toy Dealer’.  He was then 27 years old.



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